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Karen O'Neill
23464 Shadow Drive
Auburn, CA 95602


Karen has been painting and winning awards since her college days at what is now called California College of the Arts, and later earning a degree from California State University San Jose, with a special teaching credential in art. She is an active member of many art organizations and has won numerous awards. She has exhibited in many galleries including ones in Carmel and Taos, New Mexico.

Karen's florals, forest scenes, and kelp forest scenes are often painted in liquid acrylics. These paintings start with a spontaneous abstract background, using strong colors and lots of paint. After studying her background painting from many angles, she visualizes areas that could become flowers, vases, fish, trees, etc. She then captures those areas, bringing her painting to life. Her technique of lifting off paint, as well as applying many layers of paint, adds an exciting textural interest to her work.

Karen's koi paintings are part of a series started around 2000, when she became attracted to painting koi because of their beautiful colors, their gracefulness, and the sense of peace she had while watching them swim. Her koi paintings run from the richly colored dramatic to the quiet and peaceful. Most of her koi paintings are painted in watercolors. Her challenge, and her passion, with both medias is exploring new ways of expressing traditional subjects.

Karen's original work is exhibited at the Harbinger Gallery, where each year she is the Gallery’s featured artist with a month long exhibit. 209-795-5957, www.harbingergallery.net/oneill.htm


A Quiet Moment

Jen's Calla

Spirit of Calla

Music in the Forest

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