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Sarah Evans
P.O. Box 839
Murphys, CA 95247
(209) 728-3270

“As an impressionist, I am painting to capture the color and pattern of what’s out there. It’s the whole point of what I want to do. What really excites me is color... color affected by sunlight, and landscapes and gardens are where the color is... so I love to paint landscapes and gardens and flowers.”

Sarah has evolved a strong method of painting, stressing the basic beauty of oil paint by utilizing texture variation and brushwork. She uses a strongly structured basic underlying pattern of design in all of her paintings. "I paint exclusively in oils because they are so gutsy, excitingly rich, unctuous colors, and provide great texture and impasto. The way I prefer to work is to paint “en plein air” as the French impressionists did, and paint as much as I can before the light, colors and shadows change. I finish in several more stages in my studio, working from memory, sketches and photos I’ve taken as I started the painting", Evans explains.

Sarah had shown early artistic promise and her parents and two doting great aunts encouraged her with extensive training during elementary and high school at the Minneapolis School of Art and Design. Later she studied at the San Francisco School of Art, and many art workshops with renowned artists through the years.

A native of Minnesota, after receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, Sarah toured Europe for 3 months, then taught art for a year. After immediately settling in San Francisco, she successfully pursued a career in advertising. After 20 years as an executive of a leading international advertising agency, she was able to quit work to devote herself to her dream of being a full-time painter. Leaving San Francisco 35 years ago when her husband Dick and she took early retirement, they settled in the Central Sierra foothills in Murphys, where she maintains her studio.

Sarah has had gallery representation through the years in Carmel, Mendocino, Arnold and Murphys. Presently she is represented by Art on Main, Murphys. She is a member of the Arts of Bear Valley and the Golden Palette Art Association.

English Cottage Steps

Woodside Border

It's Spring

Flower Power

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