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Gita Dedek
505 Lowell Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301

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"Someone has written that all the pictures are there already in the world around us; it's only up to us to truly look and see and subtract all that is unnecessary. When I am out with my camera I prefer to let intuition be my guide and photograph the landscapes and cityscapes that 'chose me'. This happens when I allow myself to be drawn into a place and enter its spirit in a sensitive and receptive way. I am rewarded when my photographs take on a painterly quality that's peaceful and calming and brings joy and delight to myself and to others."

Born in Prague, (then) Czechoslovakia into a family of artists and musicians Gita's early childhood was steeped in the beauty and culture of the historic city and of the gentleness of the Czech countryside with its pictoresque villages and imposing castles. She treasures deeply her heritage and feels it hold the roots of her imagination and inspires her search for beauty wherever she finds herself. In her photography she attempts to capture her personal way of seing things.

Gita's family emigrated to Toronto, Canada where she grew up. Following her marriage to Jan Dedek she came to Palo Alto, CA where they raised their three daughters. Following many years of academic work, teaching, and taking care of her family Gita rediscovered her old hobby of photography as a welcome artistic outlet. She is largely self-taught though she enjoys taking photo classes at local schools.

The Dedek family have enjoyed winter sports and summer vacations in Bear Valley ever since they came to Palo Alto. Several years ago Gita became an active member of the Arts of Bear Valley group.

Gita holds BA degree (French major) from University of Toronto and MA (Theology) from St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park.

Arts of Bear Valley
Palo Alto Camera Club
Silicon Valley Open Studios

Mercy Center Gallery, Burlingame, CA
Arts of Bear Valley, Bear Valley, CA
Silicon Valley Open Studios, Palo Alto and Los Altos
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery, Palo Alto

Gita Dedek's photographs are in private collections in the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe. Her photographs appeared in various publications of Mercy Center, Burlingame and on their web page and are sold at Mercy Center Bookstore.

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